Phuket with children

Koh Kids Club at Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort
March 20, 2024 – 12:16 pm
Travelling to Phuket with Kids | My Blog

Your kids will love what we've got planned at Koh Kids Club.


Youngsters 4 - 12 years get special attention with supervised sessions organized in the morning and afternoon with lunch included. We offer an array of activities designed for every age. Our outdoor play area and entertainment room is packed with gadgets and toys sure to keep kids occupied for hours. There are pool games for little ones and culturally unique crafts including painting and making a batik t-shirt that are popular with youngsters. Thai dancing and yoga gets kids outdoors, rounding out a full day of fun. The activity program changes daily so kids are never bored.

Our evening program, Kids Night Out, includes dinner, dessert, activities and a movie. This is available when parents are dining at restaurants within the resort.

Fees apply for some activities and services. Please download a sample Koh Kids Club daily schedule.


Koh Kids Club offers fully supervised indoor and outdoor entertainment areas. There is a DVD lounge and arts and crafts area. A dedicated kids pool and swimming pool with 55-metre water slide gives youngsters the freedom to play. Wii games, snooker table, and table tennis are also available in our Games Room, located next to the squash court. Also note that the resort's Tennis Centre and recreation itinerary offer more adventure, organized sports, golf, and touring for the entire family.

Kids menu items are health-conscious and offered at all restaurants within the resort.

Kids spa treatments offered at on-site Angsana Spa Outrigger include massage and body scrubs for ages 7-14 years.


Babysitting for children younger than 4 years is available from 8 am – 6 pm, and evening hours on request. There is a fee for this service and advance reservations are required.


Please contact us for more information about planning a family holiday with kids.

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