Phuket for children

Very nice, great for kids
April 26, 2017 – 12:30 pm
9 Best 5-star Phuket resorts for families with children - Phuket

We stayed for the second time in this resort. The experience was much better then last year, although we have some small remarks.

The arrival was very pleasant. We were greeted at the airport and driven to the resort. There we met with some staff members and we were taken to our villa. We had an in-villa check in what we loved. The General Manager promised us to be upgraded to the Sala pool villa. We got a lagoon pool villa and not the Sala pool villa. We did not mind as we probably would not often go to the lagoon sala, but advise to the management do not over promise and under deliver.
The villa we had is a villa with less privacy. The fence was low at the beginning of the property so people can look to the garden of the villa and see you walking. We also could watch in the garden of the villa next to us. As the villa’s are attached you can hear the neighbors. Our neighbors had children and every morning they were in the pool with the children and they were screaming and laughing. We also could here when they opened the door of their bathroom. Twice we woke up by the voices of the children next to us. One time when they were in their bathroom (attached to our bedroom) and one time when they were in the pool. So the villa’s have little privacy.
All villas have a sala in the garden. Our sala was placed south west of the garden and therefore we did not have much sun. Round 11 AM the sun disappeared (a high palm tree and then the sala gave shadow), we did not like this as we like it to stay next to the villa and swim naked in our own pool. But we could not because of the neighbors.
In my opinion there are a lot of children in this resort. I expected less children as there is so much water (lagoon).

The service is excellent. They improved it with last year. You notice that they have new department managers who are very responsible in their job and who make you important as a guest. The service at the pool is 100% improved. This year the staff is there for the customers. They escort you to a chair, give you towels, give cold water etc. The English language of the staff is much better then last year. Compliments to the management who turned this around!

The villa is very clean. The cleaning lady spends approx 1 hour to clean the villa. We came back to our villa when she just started and one hour later she left. The property thinks about the environment. You can place a wooden turtle on the bed when you want to reuse the bed sheets.

Treehouse is a perfect place for an early evening snack and drink. If you do want to try a non alcoholic drink try the Anantara smoothie. Only fresh fruit. We ordered this drink also at the infinity pool but then it was mixed with water and not as tasteful as in the Treehouse.

We had dinner in Sea.Fire.Salt this was also very good and much better then last year. Compliments to Marco and the (new) chef. When we had dinner in La Sala one of the waitresses (Pla) came to our table and recognized us. Pla is the best waiter in Anantara villas. She is magnificent. We appreciated it very much that she recognized us and welcomed us.

We also had a dinner by design. If you want a special evening go for this dinner. Pick the place you want and you have an evening you will never forget. This dinner is amazing!

Compliments to Frederik for upgrading the pool area and infinity bar and compliments for Meenah who took care of us and always was there when we needed something.

We had a guest over during daytime. He stayed for dinner. When we asked for a taxi a receptionist asked if he spend the night with us (in our villa). This was a very inappropriate question in my opinion.

I did not like the gym. The equipment is not the best there is. This has to be upgraded.
There is free wifi in the resort, but the wifi signal in the pool area is very poor.

Checkout was very pleasant and fast. We noticed the changes Anantara Phuket made in one year! They are much better then last year.

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