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Phuket Sightseeing | Anantara Phuket
December 11, 2017 – 11:48 am
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Thailand boasts the most number of entrepreneurs per capita, much due to its market culture. The incredible Thai markets unite goods, clothing, as well as the freshest vegetables, meats and spices under one roof. Encounter exotic fruits, mysterious vegetables and neat rows of quail eggs. Take a stroll through a market and learn about the Thai passion for food…and shopping. Practice the art of bargaining, which requires both strategy and a smile.

Downtown Market, Phuket Town:This market has been in continuous use from when the pirates and traders passed through the island. Nowadays, the scene hasn’t lost any of its vibrancy or energy. Watch discerning housewives and cooks haggle for their dinner ingredients. Spy on a street-side chef to learn complimentary kitchen tips.

Fishermen's market on Rawai Beach: While not for the faint at heart, this market is an intriguing display of the catches of the day. Watch your step, for a cart of squid might be rolling in your direction.

Beachside markets: Set by the beaches of Patong, Karon and Kata Beaches, these strips of stalls and shops sell everything from sunglasses to clothing, embroidered bags and Thai crafts. While most of the clothing is decked with fake logos and insignias, your baht will go a long way here, plus will make good gifts for back home.

Chao Fah Variety Market: Set just by Wat Nakha Temple in Phuket Town, discover the new weekend market, selling clothing, Thai home furnishings, and a bit of everything else! Buy those Thai Fisherman pants here. Take frequent breaks from your strolling at one of the many food stalls.

Phuket Square: The newly-opened market in Phuket Town sells intriguing wares, furniture, clothes and footwear.Visit early or late—it’s rare when the market isn’t hopping.

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