Phuket attraction places

Wyndham Sea Pearl Resort Phuket
August 6, 2023 – 04:22 am
Best Western Premier Bangtao Beach Resort, Phuket Hotel, is

With a sandy beach and wild nightlife, Patong is a place to relax and play.

Bangla Road

A paradise for party animals, Bangla Road promises a wide selection of bars and clubs.

Tiger Entertainment

Playing with tigers in enclosures without chains.

Freedom Beach

Freedom Beach is an exclusive gem on Phuket’s west coast. The 300-metre strip of white sand is set in a superb bay dotted with granite rocks and surrounded by hills covered by thick and luxuriant jungle. Essentially, Freedom Beach’s exclusivity comes from its rather difficult accessibility, although things are getting a bit better nowadays.

Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach will surprise you. For a start, it's stunningly beautiful - one of the most attractive of the many wonderful beaches Phuket has to offer.

Flying Hanuman

Flying Hanuman in Kathu is just the right place for you if you’re the type of person who loves to zip through the sky 40 metres above a jungle. Eco-friendly and well executed, Flying Hanuman explores the jungle in a decidedly aerial way and offers a chance to discover Phuket's rainforest canopy from a really special angle.

Kathu Mining Museum

Kathu Mining Museum, located on the road between Loch Palm Golf Club and British International School, is one of the island’s most interesting museums. It features displays ranging from tin mine models to a recreated scene in an opium den.

Wat Suwan Khiri Wong

Wat Suwan Khiri Wong, or Wat Patong for short, lies in the middle of Patong’s busy development. It is the centre of local Thai Buddhism.

Kathu Waterfall

Mention Kathu Waterfall to many visitors to Phuket and they will instantly conjure up mental images of hundreds of feet of water falling into a massive pool. In fact, Kathu Waterfall is nothing like this, rather it’s a series of drop pools that sometimes are gushing with rainwater and sometimes not.

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Wyndham Sea Pearl Resort Phuket

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