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Phuket Town – Walking Guide
March 14, 2023 – 02:08 am
Old Phuket Town, Thailand – Jennifer and Harold See the World
Phuket Town Map

Phuket Town – A Walking Guide to Old Phuket Streets

Phuket Town – A Walking Guide to Old Phuket Streets

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First time in the historical center of Old Phuket Town? Our Walking Guide to Phuket’s most interesting streets will save you time (and sweat!)

Phuket Town is not huge but still too vast to explore it entirely on foot so we will break it down in several areas of interest. Our first guide is about the historical streets of town, quite easy to explore even on a wet day. This walking guide should keep you busy for half a day or less depending on which of the two options you’ll pick below.

Phuket Town Historical Centre:

ban-chin-thye-cafeThis is the most interesting part of Phuket Town where the famous Thalang road is, but other streets are full of fun things to discover. Luckily Phuket Town is changing and it’s a good thing. Sometimes tourism does have a positive impact and what Phuket municipality did to Thalang and Dibuk roads by hiding all electric cable underground came to a surprise, especially knowing how incredibly messy cables are in Thailand.

Here are street names you need to remember:

  1. Ranong Road: Phuket City market, Thai Airways heritage house, Thavorn Museum
  2. Yaowarat Road: Old Limpanon House
  3. Krabi Road: Thai Hua Museum, Blue Elephant Mansion, Baan Chinpracha Mansion
  4. Ratsada Road: Thavorn Museum, Old Mansion
  5. Phang Nga Road: Shrine of Serene Light, On On Hotel
  6. Dibuk Road: Pirrera Cafe, Loktien restaurant, Wat Puttamongkon
  7. Ratsada Road: Thavorn Museum

1) Ranong Road

If you ride a bus, you will land on Ranong road next to the Phuket City Market (A) which could be the first or last item on your list. The market is divided in two areas: the main building where the bus stops, and the old open-air market just across the street. Both are fun to explore as you will see veggies, fruits and spices you might never have seen before. In the same area don’t miss the Thai Airways office (B), a superbly renovated white Sino-Portuguese house (just take photos as building is not opened to the public).

Phuket Town – A Walking Guide to Old Phuket Streets Phuket oldest pharmacy on Thalang Road
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