Kata Noi bay

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August 19, 2022 – 10:10 am
Panoramic sea view of Kata Noi Bay. Roof top terrace and pool

You will find here some ideas for visiting the island during your stay:

Most downtown buildings have more than a century and was erected during the first period of prosperity from the exploitation of tin. Their architecture, which is called Sino-Portuguese, is a mix of Chinese and Western influences. This style is also common to all coastal areas of mining on the Malay Peninsula. The historic center is located on Thalang Rd axis (with the pretty “soi” Rommani) and Phang Nga Rd.

Thalang Rd got a complete renovation and the Phuket authorities had the good idea to hide in the pavement the frightful electricity and telephone cables that distort the streets of Phuket (unfortunately in all the cities of Thailand). Phang Nga Rd has not yet been renovated but worth the visit for the On On Hotel where was made the movie "The Beach" in 2001 with Leonardo Di Caprio.

Located at the top of a hill (350 meters high) between Chalon Bay and Kata Beach, Phuket Big Buddha offers a 360 ° view over the South of the island (Chalong Bay, Cape Panwa and Phuket Town), over the Eastern (Rawai and the Promphep cape) and over the West (Kata Noi bay, Kata and Karon).

You can access via a rather steep road that offers lovely views of Chalong Bay and Karon beach. You will find some restaurants where you can admire the scenery while enjoying delicious Thai dishes. On clear days you can even see Phi Phi Island about 40 kilometers in the South-East. The statue is about 45 m high. This is one of the most popular sites of Phuket.

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