Hat Kata

Kooringal Ladies Wide Brim Kata Hat
August 6, 2023 – 08:47 am
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Kooringal's Ladies Wide Brim Kata Hat is sure to be your best friend on the beach, by the pool, anywhere really...

Its natural colour goes with everything so you can be sun smart and stylish! Made of woven paper and with a wide brim, this is a must have addition to your summer wardrobe. Love, Miranda and the birdsnest girls x

  • Woven from paper
  • Natural bow tied around crown
  • Adjustable with inner tie for a snug fit
  • UV rated with a UPF of 50+ (highest rating)
  • One Size fits most heads
  • Brim width approx 12cm
  • Crown height approx 12cm
  • Mini Mag: Summer Catalogue 2016

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Style code: KOO-KL206

Suits these dress codes: Suits these personalities:

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