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July 31, 2023 – 02:44 am
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Villa Jum-Paa, Phuket Vacation Home Rentals, located in 'Karon Beach Pool Villas' – a private pool villas for holiday rental, located at walking distance to Karon beach, Phuket, on the west coast, between Patong and Kata beach.

Peaceful and relaxing estate compound, four holiday rental villas; four with 3 bedrooms and one with 4 bedrooms, all fully furnished and equipped for holiday comfort with private swimming pool, sun decks, with a large terrace and surrounding by the beautiful tropical landscape. All villas well designed with open plan living area open out to the pool; living, kitchen and dining area make sure you will have space and comfort whether cooking, eating or relaxing. The kitchen offers a wonderful self-catering, equipped with all utensils, cooking appliance required for your lazy day. Villa Jum-Paa (จำปา), 3 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms with private swimming pool. The perfect escape set in a peaceful estate, beautiful 3 bedroom vacation home situated near a charming village of Karon beach, very convenient location, not necessary to rent a car during your stay, everything you need just within a walking distance; bars, shops and restaurants, and the beach is just a 10 - 15 minutes walk away. Suitable for every holiday group and themes; a family & friend holiday re-union, or a bachelor party, romantic escape, wedding venue or a company retreat. Enjoy the serenity, breezy and a tropical ambiance, upon entering the house you will enjoy the airy open plan living area; living/TV/dining and kitchen open out to the pool via the sliding glass door offering the advantage of having a full view of the swimming pool from every corner. A contemporary design, enjoys a refreshing breeze all year round, with a private 4 X 7 m. swimming pool (1.5 m depth). A modern kitchen comes fully equipped with standard appliances such as microwave, oven, cooking hobs, oven, toaster and coffee maker, etc. The dining table comfortably seats 6 people. Bedrooms: * Master Bedroom, open out directly to the swimming pool, with a king-size bed and en-suite bathroom. * Guest Bedroom 1, with a king-size bed and en-suite bathroom. * Guest Bedroom 2, with a king-size bed and en-suite bathroom. Full air-conditioning is provided throughout the entire house along with free Wi-Fi. The big advantage of renting 'Villa Jum-Paa', especially if you are a big group of friends and family, there are another 4 holiday houses 'Villa An-Chan', 'Villa Da-Laah', 'Villa Cha-Ba' and 'Villa Dok-Kaew, which all located right next to each other, allow your extended family or guests to rent the next door where you will always have a good time together. The Facilities and Services offer by 'Karon Beach Pool Villas'; * For your convenience, we have bicycles for use during your stay (subject to availability). * Maid service every 3 days (clean the dishes, make the beds and clean bathroom) including changing the bed linen and towels * Pool cleaning * Gardener * WIFI Internet * Cable TV * Toiletries * First set of drinking water and soft drinks Optional Services: * Airport transfer is available on request (extra charge). 'Karon Beach Pool Villas' location distances; About 10 - 15 minutes walk to Karon Beach About 5 - 10 minutes walk to supermarkets, various shops, souvenir shops, massages & spas, local market, cafes and restaurants About 10 - 15 minutes drive to Patong & Kata Beach About 20 - 30 minutes drive to Kamala/Surin beach & Town. About 40 – 50 minutes from Phuket Int'l Airport.

Convenient location, easy access just with-in 5 - 10 minutes walk to shopping, restaurants, massages & spas, etc.

Chatrudee's place is awesome. Located a little far from Karon beach in a secluded area. A little tough to find the place, but the villa is beautiful and it is exactly as it is shown in the images. Mr. Kowit and Chatrudee were quick in their responses and the caretakers were also very friendly. The master bedroom which only has entry through the pool is very luxurious. Villa is fully decked up with kitchen utensils and crockery. Great pool as we ended up spending more time in the pool than the beach itself. :)

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