beach inn Kata

Kata Sun Beach Inn review, 188 Khok Tanot Rd, Kata Yai Beach
March 28, 2024 – 02:07 pm
Kata Sun Beach Inn, Kata Beach, Thailand -

One of Kata’s older hotels, the Kata Sun Beach Inn remains bright and clean, but is very forgettable.

Photo of Kata Sun Beach Inn

What it lacks in atmosphere is at least partly redeemed by its central location — it’s on the main road at the far southern end of Kata Beach, so the best of Kata’s shopping and restaurants plus Kata Yai beach are just a short walk away. Rooms are spacious and have everything you could need, including satellite TV, mini-bar, air-con, a phone, and a tub. The tiny balconies are further crowded by the air-con units, and you’ll need to lean over the balustrade to enjoy the sea views they want to charge you extra for. Rooms are fair value, but definitely try to negotiate a discount for long-term stays. During the 2011 low season, they were advertising a monthly rate of 18, 000B, an increase of 3, 000B from 2008, and we aren’t really sure why — the hotel surely hasn’t changed. There’s an on-site restaurant, and computers are in the lobby. Rates include breakfast only during the high season.

Type of roomLowHigh

Type of room, low and high season prices

Extra Bed400 baht500 baht

Standard double room1, 000 baht2, 000 bahtMountain view

Superior double room1, 100 baht2, 200 bahtSeaview

Room: Extra Bed, low season: 400 baht, high season 500 baht. Notes:

Room: Standard double room, low season: 1, 000 baht, high season 2, 000 baht. Notes: Mountain view

Room: Superior double room, low season: 1, 100 baht, high season 2, 200 baht. Notes: Seaview

Kata Sun Beach Inn

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