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September 1, 2021 – 09:30 pm
2008 Club Med Kata Beach 152

I have finally cleared some free time and got down to blogging about my short getaway at Club Med Phuket. It was a four days three nights stay at the Kata Beach holiday resort. This is my second visit to Phuket; the first time was at Patong Beach with my clique from JC during our university years. Kata Beach, located at the south of the island, is quieter and less bustling than Patong (the main beach), and I found that I preferred that.


We had to reach the airport rather early in the morning and fortunately, we had two good friends who were willing to wake up before the sun rose to send the four of us to the airport. Sorry for the slightly blur picture!

After a two hour flight, an expedient visa on arrival and an hour taxi ride, we reached Club Med Phuket slightly before noon. It was rather easy to hail a cab from the airport, as they had a taxi counter. The fare was 900 Baht (SGD). We realised at the end of the trip, that transportation costs at Phuket were exorbitant.

Unlike Club Med Bali, which had a central walkway with blocks branching off it, Club Med Phuket was a long row of blocks with meandering walkways. We lost count of how many right and left turns we took to reach our block.

We got inter-connecting garden view Club Rooms, located on the top floor. The rooms were definitely bigger and nicer than the ones at Bali. We even had a balcony with deck chairs! Thus, I spent more time in my room (and also because there were lesser activities here).

This is the Theatre, located just off the pool and near the reception area. It was also the place where we had Zumba every day before heading to the pool for Aqua Aerobics.

The Bar was one of the places we made full use of as you can see! Short of sounding like an alcoholic, this place offers free flow of drinks, including cocktail and wine! Adding on to that, the bartenders were very friendly and efficient.

We also tried our hand at Archery, which was next to our block, so we did not have to go far. I think I have improved! Got two bulls-eye this time around!

We managed to catch one of the shows in the evening. It was a grand affair as the pool was cordoned off in the afternoon and tables were set around the perimeter for dinner. It was a wonderful experience watching the Trapeze team perform.

During meal times, you may choose to sit “in the open” or in one of the air-conditioned pavilions. We always chose to have our breakfast overlooking the ocean.

In case you were wondering if there is a Zen Pool for adults… Yes there is! However, it could not compare to the one in Bali at all! In fact, it was quite a disappointment. The pool was an infinity pool but a rather tiny one. Besides that, there was no jacuzzi area no relax in.

Looking over the Zen Pool, is their signature restaurant, Chu Da. Similar to Le Batur at Club Med Bali, you have to make reservations for dinner the day before at the reception. However, if you choose to go for a late lunch there, no reservation is needed.

The food while presented nicely, was unpalatable. The chef was awfully heavy handed with the salt (for EVERY dish) and the desserts looked good but fell short. In the end, we gave up on our dinner reservation.

Another thing that I did not particularly liked about the resort was that you had to exit the compound to get to the beach. It was actually a short walk to the beach but there was only one way to get to the beach, unlike Club Med Bali where the beach was part of the property.

It was cloudy the first two days when we were there. Drizzling and pouring on and off. Thankfully the skies cleared and we got the see the beautiful blue expanse of sky and sea!

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