things not to do in Phuket

5 Things to Avoid in Phuket
October 12, 2017 – 11:05 am
Things NOT to do in Phuket | Save your Money & Time, Read This Article
A Tuk Tuk in Patong Beach

1) Taxis and Tuk Tuks

No single group has caused more discontent and frustration with tourists more than the taxi and tuk tuk drivers. Phuket appears to be an enigma in the nation of Thailand. In most tourist locations in the country, public transportation is abundant and affordable for everyone. Even in a city like Pattaya where you would expect to find a similar atmosphere as Phuket, tuk tuks and taxis are not only affordable, but are a great way to get around. In Phuket, this is not the case.

Unfortunately for visitors to Phuket, the public transportation here is basically non-existent. You may have no choice but to take a taxi at some point in time during your visit. If possible, always try to take a metered taxi. The non-metered taxis have set prices for destination that could rival the cost of a taxi ride in downtown Manhattan.

A Jet-Ski for rent at Surin BeachAlthough there are some honest taxi drivers, your best course of action is to always to assume the worst. Always agree on a price before getting into a taxi. Always carry small bills around as the taxi driver probably won’t have change, even if he does. It is also best to never argue or openly confront a taxi driver as news reports show that some drivers have no qualms with resulting to violence as a first option. If you should have an argument with a taxi driver, it is best to pay whatever fare is asked of you, but note the taxi license number and make a report to the tourist police.

2) Rip Currents

Being the only naturally occurring thing to avoid in Phuket, I pondered whether to list it at number one, but in the end, I realized that the taxi drivers were a bigger tarnish on the reputation of Phuket. I have made it somewhat of a crusade of mine to spread awareness on this subject, as I read articles almost daily about death and injury resulting from rip currents that can easily be avoided. Please read my article on the Dangers of Phuket Beaches. Spread the word by liking the article, sharing it, printing it out and tossing it out your window parade style. So much death and injury could be avoided with a bit of awareness of the ocean.

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