Honey Resort, Kata beach

This lively city of beautiful beach, Phuket is definitely a Paradise of Andaman sea
November 12, 2023 – 02:09 pm
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A peaceful place to pamper yourself in the paradise-island of Phuket, Honey Resort in Kata Beach combines modern style with Thai culture, creating one of the best retreats for a relaxed holiday. The resort is located in the district of Kata, offering 55 comfortable guestrooms that is just 10 minutes to the coast.

The resort in Kata, Phuket invites travelers to savor the sweet life in a relaxing and romantic holiday setting surrounded by various contemporary comforts and gorgeous nature views. This value-filled and peaceful resort in Phuket's Kata Beach also offers a collection of features for leisure, travel, and business to make your stay convenient and worthwhile. At Honey Resort, you’ll never have to lose sight of what's important.



Even at affordable rates, Honey Resort in Kata Beach, Phuket, Thailand goes the extra mile by providing guests with an extensive list of convenient and dependable amenities, facilities, and services to guarantee a stay experience worth remembering and repeating.

Hotel Facilities
  • - Swimming pool
  • - Mezzanine restaurant and Chill-out bar
  • - A full service lobby
  • - 24 hours security and guest service
  • - Limousine service
  • - Tour service
  • - Wireless broadband connections
  • - Laundry service
  • - Room service
  • - Elevator to all floors
  • - Parking area

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