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February 12, 2023 – 02:05 am
Scuba Diving Phuket - Similan Islands - Phuket Thailand.: Amazing

1. Re: 7 Hours at Phuket.. Places recommended to SEE

You will of course have the Shore excursions, if you want to pack a lot in then those tours get you around easily.

Is it docking in Phuket Town or at anchor in Patong?

If at anchor in Patong you come ashore by small boat. There is shopping along the beach raod and restaurants.

You can fit in say Siam Safari elephant ride or something like that but you would need to check the times. Your choice apart from the ship arranged tours and excursions are lazing on the beach in patong, doing say elephant riding with Siam Safari or similar or letting a taxi take you on a ride around.

Often when the cruise boats come in I 'think' Phuket Fantasea does a daytime show though not sure, if they 'do' then that would be ideal to taske the kids to see, Disney like fantasy show, animals etc, I would ask Star to let you have a list of what is on offer, I really would not recommend getting into a taxi for a tour, so it's beach, elephants/safari or the excursions really.

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