Weather Kata beach Phuket

Phuket Weather and Best Times to Visit: Ten Facts
September 1, 2022 – 10:54 am
February Weather Averages for Phuket, Thailand

Phuket Weather Forecasts Influence Best Times to Visit Thailand

1. The most popular time to visit is Phuket’s dry season, from November to April.
During this time of year, travelers are generally assured Phuket weather forecasts of clear blue skies. There is little rain, it is hot but not blazing.

2. The less visited time is “green” or “wet” season from May to October.
During this time of year, expect Phuket weather forecasts of sporadic rain showers. For the rest of Thailand in contrast, it starts to cool-off around November.

3. Phuket weather is bi-polar.
While predictable according to these seasons, green season forecasts are less certain. Therefore most travelers prefer dry season, they are assured plenty of sun-tanning time.

4. During green season, expect the unexpected.
Phuket weather forecasts during green season can be wrong. Despite Phuket’s advanced weather radar, it’s still subject to many complex tropical influences.

5. During dry season, expect sunny days.
During dry season, Phuket weather forecasts are generally accurate. If you enjoy such certainly sunny days or plan for a beach-side wedding, this is the time.

6. Benefits of green season are many.
The oceans come alive with perfect conditions for boogie-boarding, SUP boarding, and all kinds of surfing. Enjoy lower rates at resorts, and more quietude.

7. The hottest month is April.
Do not plan to be outside long, unless your cooling off in the sea. Mid-April brings the famous Songkran holiday, a fun Thai water splashing festival. Expect 27°C to 36°C.

8. Green season can make clear or murky seas.
In green season, the sea will be very clear or a bit murky. Debris such as driftwood sometime wash ashore due to currents.

9. Shoulder season is often best.
Those “in-the-know” sometimes suggest avoiding: peak season, green/rainy season and the hottest times. The month of March is great, it has pleasant weather and beaches aren’t overcrowded.

10. Surprisingly, sometimes green season can be the most ideal.
Phuket weather forecasts can predict a whole week of clear days in green season. Although you can expect showers, they are often short-lived.

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