Phuket Kata Noi

Villa Amanzi Kata Noi | Kata, Phuket
September 1, 2022 – 10:54 am
Impiana Kata Noi Phuket, 2 Bedroom Beach Front Villa in Kata Noi

Villa Amanzi Kata Noi’s hilltop location not only provides superb views but the villa is often embraced by cooling breezes to create the perfect environment for living in this tropical climate. The villa offers every modern convenience and showcases magnificent sunsets. The exclusive views of the white crescent beach below are nothing short of inspiring.

Living Room

The lounge comfortably seats 12 people with views of the pool and bay. The sounds of the stone waterfall behind you further enhance the luxury of the surrounds. The large flatscreen TV is perfect for catching up on the latest movies with friends.

Dining Room

The 10 seater dining room is a perfect place to host an unforgettable dinner and the professional bar is also ideal for a get-together over a nice cocktail. The villa also features a well-equipped Western kitchen with full-length windows and tiled checkered floors.

Media Room

The study and TV room offers a tranquil respite from the rest of the villa. The Bose sound system and large flatscreen TV are perfect for watching the latest films and the room also offers an iPod dock. The built-in desk with lamp is ideal for connecting your laptop should you wish to check up on emails. The comfortable sofa opens up to become an extra bed if needed.

Massage Room

Located by the pool, you’ll find the villa’s open-air massage room with a massage bed and adjoining sauna.

Garden & Pool

The villa has a vast 15-metre pool with panoramic views of the beach and ocean. There are steps leading down to the pool, which also create a shallow section for the kids. The sala offers commanding views over Kata Bay and offers comfortable seating for 12 persons. It also features a professional BBQ and dining for 8 with an adjoining service bar. The space also doubles as a games room with a billiard and ping-pong table.

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