Best places to visit in Phuket thailand

Daniel Cole -- Thrillist contributor
December 15, 2020 – 08:27 pm
Phuket Zoo - The Best Places to Visit in Phuket, Thailand

Overrated: Kanyakumari, India
Look, Southern India is great. It is the most chilled-out area and has some of the country's best beaches, but you really have to pick which parts to visit. Kochi, yes. Thiruvananthapuram, no. Varkala, yes. Kanyakumari, pass. There are a bunch of reasons to visit this spiritual capital that will make great conversation and look good in a travel article. But taking the time and expense to go out of your way to this novel peninsular point - where the Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean, and Bay of Bengal meet - can leave you underwhelmed. A to-do spot for pilgrims, and those particularly interested in Hinduism, but anyone else might well be better off journeying further afield.

Underrated: Koh Lanta, Thailand
This serene, isolated island in the Andaman Sea connects you with the softer, loving elements of your soul. There are no beach parties and no major sporting pulls, just a placid environment with an exquisite sea, great food (pad Thai is the specialty here), and fresh cocktails. Many tourists stay in the island's north, but if you venture further south, past Relax Bay (worth visiting for a day or two) and Nui Bay, you'll reach Bamboo Beach, a small isolated resort near the island's national park, where you will truly discover Thailand's open-heartedness, without being swamped with tourists. On my first visit to this distant point just off the coast of Krabi, I saw sea turtles, slept under the stars, saw thunderstorms I only thought possible in films, and fell in love for what felt like the first time.

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