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August 15, 2022 – 12:43 pm
Phuket Waterfalls - Phuket Attractions Guide

SEASON 1 Online Sign-up goes live on Thursday 17th August at 5pm.

  • All parents and students will receive an email with information and online sign-up links.

At UWC Thailand, activities are a vital part of student life and learning. Our programme provides an opportunity to bring students, staff, parents as well as the wider community together for learning, competition, pleasure, recreation, performing and sharing. We believe that learning extends beyond the classroom and we encourage our students to take full advantage of the opportunities offered. By trying out new activities, students have a chance to explore their talents, meet new people, develop new skills and discover what they are passionate about. Our wide range of activities enables students to explore projects and passions in Service, Creativity, Sports, Social and Culture, and are run during lunchtimes, after-school and on weekends.

Our programme provides opportunities for all age groups though the vast majority of activities cater for students in Grade 1 to Grade 12.

The school year is divided into three activity seasons, allowing students to explore a wide variety of interests throughout the year. The programme offers activities in sports, music, service, leadership as well as arts and drama.

UWC Thailand & Partners

We have several partners who work closely with us in developing a well-rounded programme. These partners offer activities we call Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA’s). These are paid programmes and payments are made directly to the partner organisation. Our ECA partners are:

  • Thanyapura (at Thanyapura)
  • Gymnastics Club Phuket (at UWCT)
  • Phuket Soccer Schools (at UWCT)
  • PAPA (Phuket Academy for Performing Arts – at UWCT)
  • TOMA (Mandarin lessons) (at UWCT)
  • Phuket Golf Coaching (at UWCT & Mission Hills)

The activities offered by UWC Thailand staff are generally free of charge and are called Co-Curricular Activities (CCA’s). In some cases, we ask for a small financial contribution for consumables needed for the activity.


Joining an activity, team or service does require commitment and we encourage our students and parents to carefully consider the demands made on their time before signing up. By joining an activity, our students will gain skills in time management, self-organisation but above all, they will learn the value of commitment by sticking to what they signed up for.

Activity Timings

This year we have agreed with most of our ECA partners to align the start and finish timings for the vast majority of activities offered, reducing staggered dismissals and opening up opportunities for our students. There can be exceptions when activities in session 2 go off campus or have a later finish time, however, for the most part, timings will be as follows:

Session 1: Starting time 2.40pm Session 2: Starting time 3.40pm

Ending time 3.30pm Ending time 4.30pm

Online Sign-Up

Allocation of activities is not on a first come, first served basis. We aim to accommodate everybody’s choices and each child will receive an activity confirmation letter once the placements have been made. Most our our activities will go through our online sign-up system, including those of our partners.

Season 1 dates
Online Sign-up start: Thursday 17th August – 5pm
Online Sign-up closes: Monday 21st August – 5pm

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