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The Top Phuket Tourist Attractions for guests of SerenitySerenity
May 14, 2017 – 10:25 am
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Phuket NightlifeThere are some exceptionally phenomenal gems that you must not miss out on seeing while on your visit to Phuket. Whether it is shining or raining, Phuket’s biggest advantage is that there is always a lot to do on and off the enthralling island. From the magnificent to the seemingly prosaic, the range of places and activities to do is marvellous for a destination of this size. Here is a list of top attractions for people visiting Rawai, Phuket:

1. Phang Nga Bay:

This is simply incredible. A day out at the bay is an unforgettable experience that will certainly get you thinking. A unique feature of this beautiful bay is the steep limestone cliffs that stand vertically out of the emerald green waters. A leisurely trip cruising through the breathtaking island, occasionaly stopping to enjoy serene beaches is far more valuable than the standard boat-bus tour.

2. Kata Viewpoint:

This place is truly enthralling. Tourists can view three giant bays from up there. The smallest and closest one is Kata Noi Beach, and a litlle further is the remarkable bay of Kata, along with its island Koh Poo, and in the far, a long stretch Karon Beach. You just won’t be able to resist this viewpoint.

3. Patong Nightlife:

This is an acknowledged Phuket nightlife centre. From 9 p.m onwards this place is buzzing, and does not pause until the wee hours. Bangla road is the epicentre of all the action, and where you will find the craziest bars and the biggest night clubs.

4. Beach Clubs:

This is the hottest and latest trend in Phuket. Their formula includes- simply setting up a modern and stylish bar and restaurant made from natural elements as close to the sand and sea as possible, organizing a party with internationally recognized artists or DJs, mixing it up with some amazing barmen who know how to fix moctails and cocktails, and adding some talented chefs who can create classy snacks and mouthwatering tapas to accompany the drinks.

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