Kata Beach attractions

Kata Beach Attractions – Main Attractions Of Kata Beach
July 27, 2023 – 10:14 am
Kata Beach Attractions - What to See in Kata Beach

Ephesus TurkeyKata beach which is located at Phuket, Thailand is very well known for its serene beauty. Besides this there are a lot more to this place, it has colorful bars, countless restaurants and good shopping. There is also couple of things that hugely attracts many visitors. The following article briefly describes about Kata beach attractions and what to see in Kata beach.

Kho Saam Haad – This popular viewpoint is one of the main attractions of Kata beach. Kho Saam Haad is Thai name which means ‘Three Beach Hill’ since this hilltop looks down over Kata Noi, Kata Yai & Karon beach and at the same time Pu Island. The hill is in between Kata and Rawai. It is well known spot with car parking, gardens, a few snack outlets and also has two big pavilions to sit in while you admire the sweeping vista. You can actually walk up to this viewpoint from Nai Harn and Rawai. It is one of the main Kata Beach attractions that is very popular amongst the visitors. It is open every day enabling many visitors to enjoy the beautiful scene.

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