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10 Best Romantic Things to Do in Phuket
April 8, 2017 – 03:45 pm
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What are the most romantic things to do in Phuket? Don’t listen to what some people say: Phuket is definitely a romantic destination; it is just up to you to be original and smart enough to avoid the busy places and stay away from crowded party zones.

You want a fully romantic holiday? Here are 10 ideas, some might not come cheap but we suggest alternatives. This page is just to give you some ideas and we will complete it as we learn and experience more romantic moments in Phuket. We didn’t always point to specific travel agents or dive centers in particular, there are so many and most are good.

Phuket has plenty of romantic restaurants to chose from, we even wrote an entire page about the, but there are a lot more! Among our favorites are (affordable): or, both in Patong Beach or (expensive): with a beautiful terrace on a cliff. …

If you can afford it, spend your entire holiday in the total privacy of a pool villa. If you can’t, why not book at least the two last days of your sojourn? even has infinity pools facing the sunset! (Well most of the villas, so might be a good idea to insist for the pools that face the right direction), , Mai Khao Dream, The Shore and also feature beautiful pool villas. …

krabi-cave3 Sunset Cruise on a Chinese Junk

It might not be as romantic as a private cruise as you won’t be alone on the ship and the food is not a candle light dinner, but gliding along the giant limestone cliffs on a Chinese boat at the sunset and beyond is a magical experience… (Ask your hotel)

Many hotels offer this option and it is very nice and relaxing to be pampered with your loved one… (except when he falls asleep and snores). If your hotel doesn’t offer this option, go to Relax Spa in Patong. Easy to find. Usually the treatment includes 15 minutes Sauna, Scrub, 30 minutes of shared milk bath and one hour of shared aromatherapy. Can’t get any better. …

Be with your loved one while exploring one of the world’s wonders is a unique moment to share. Lie down together in a comfortable canoe while a guide gently paddles through the many caves of and its fantastic lagoons, similar to the famous Halong Bay in Vietnam. These landscapes will leave you with unforgettable memories. Read more

Phuket Spas and MassagesCharter a private speedboat and go from island to island with snorkeling breaks and picnic on board or on a beach. Private boats might appear expensive (starts around 15 to 17, 000 baht) but offers usually 3 itineraries with a certain flexibility: Phang Nga Bay, Phi Phi Island or Racha Island circuits. (see a sample here)

Spend the night in the luxury of ‘‘ or more affordable is to stay on, bungalows are basic but come with air conditioning… a luxury in such remote place!The speed boat is cheaper but of course less comfortable, but staying the night on such beautiful island is a treat, especially in the morning when no one has arrived yet and this amazing blue ocean is all yours! …

8 Celebrate a Thai Wedding!

It’s not as complicated as it may seem and several hotels can arrange a Thai Wedding Ceremony for you. If yours does not, you can call one of the resorts of Laguna Phuket or Kata Thani which offers this option. It can be from a simple Ceremony with monks to a full scale wedding party with dinner by the sea, photographer and live band. It does not require a lot of preparation from your end and it will be a moment to remember forever!

Sounds strange? It’s a great activity to share! Dive center can offer a ‘Discover Scuba Diving’ course with very little practice needed. With just this, you will enjoy together the unique beauty of the Andaman Sea, plus you won’t have to go far to be amazed, the nearby has clear waters and colorful marine life. If you already have your license, get a good live-aboard cruise, some large boats have large private cabins with big beds. Read more…

If you happen to stay a, JW Marriott or, you won’t have to go far! is a 11 km long deserted beach, part of a National Park, you won’t see anyone on the beach all the way from at the very north of the island to . Walking there on clear morning is like a dream! …

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