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August 9, 2017 – 02:09 pm
Menu | Kata in Downtown Vero Beach
1306 20th St
Vero Beach, FL 32960
(772) 564-8883

This is probably one of the best sushi places in this little town of Vero Beach but today I got to go Japanch roll and a Mexican roll, I enjoyed it. They forgot the side of spicy mayo I asked for, At least I didnt have to drive almost an hour away to Melbourne to get better sushi. A+

After spending hours on the beautiful beaches nearby, this place hit the spot. I had the Chicken Pad Thai and Crunchy Roll. Both were a delight and I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious the food was. We also tried the California roll, and a Shrimp Bento Box. All terrific. Their unsweetened ice tea was also great!

Honestly, I wish it were different, but I don't think I would ever go back here. The sushi we had on New Year's Day tasted like it had been stored in the refrigerator for several days. We got two rolls and about 10 pieces of assorted sushi. None of it was very good, although note that the sushi pieces were reasonably priced and generously sized. And I wish it were fresh, but alas, it was truly sub-par. The restaurant itself is combined with a bar on one side. Both are less than clean.

I'm normally not a fan of Asian food because I feel like I never get enough to feel full. This is not the case with Kata. The food portions are large and if you leave hungry, it's your own fault. We have put off going to Kata because from the outside it looks like a vacant building. This is not the case. Inside is a nicely furnished restaurant with booths and tables and even a nice waiting area. The menu is mostly Sushi and Sashimi but there are plenty of other options. They have several Duck dishes, Teriyaki dishes, Stir Fry, Fried Rice and a section devoted just to Vietnamese foods. The wait staff are attentive and do their jobs well. We've been twice already and this place is fast becoming a family favorite. Parking is free, just across the street next to the old Post Office. This is the best Asian restaurant in Indian River county.

After a previous meal that rated 4-stars went back for lunch. Had the raw sushi lunch (chef's choice). None of my pieces were noteworthy. Also tried a piece of the conch based East Coast Roll. It was disappointing.

Kata is a very good restaurant with a little more diversity than their sister restaurant Sake. Kata has some Vietnamese offerings that Sake does not. Overall, they are very similar, although I think that Sake executes the Thai dishes better. We really enjoy the Bento Box lunches, and have never been disappointed. The service is excellent, and the portions are excellent for the price. Yes, it is the standard-fare sushi, but you can't expect much more in this smallish town. You won't find unique varieties of sushi, but that is understandable as they just don't have the customer volume to sell more adventurous seafood. There would just be too much loss. For what it is though, they do an excellent job.

My favorite sushi place in town! The first time I came here I was shocked by the menu. It is huge! They have something for everyone. I love tofu and had the fried tofu which was delicious as well as the wonton soup to start. Usually I can eat two rolls and finish them and be full. I ordered the celebration roll and the Lyndol roll and when the roll came out I thought it was both of them on the same plate... it was only one!!! I have never seen sushi this big before and they were pretty cheap at $10 a roll! They were delicious but I wasn't able to eat even half of each and had to take the rest to go. Their hot sake is delicious as well. They have a friendly staff and the ambiance is nice. It's also easy parking for downtown Vero and very easy to find.

Vero suffers from a lack of great sushi places. Kata fills the role of decent sushi place well enough but nothing special here. The decor is pretty boring and the tables are arranged in a pretty boring setup. The service is only fair. But the sushi is decent and there isn't a lot of strong competition to shake things up.

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