Artikel bahasa inggris tentang global warming pemanasan global

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Artikel bahasa inggris tentang pemanasan global. Seperti telah kita ketahui bersama bahwa bahasa inggris adalah bahasa poergaulan internasional yang perlu untuk kita mengerti. Bila anda sedang belajar bahasa inggris dan sedang mencari artikle bahasa ingris, anda berada di tempat yang tepat. Kami akan sajikan artikel bahasa ingris pilihan untuk anda.artikel bahasa inggris

Tidak dapat di pungkiri bahwa membaca artikel bahasa inggris sangatlah penting dan bermanfaat. Sama seperti membaca artikle lainya, membaca artikel bahasa ingris dapat meningkatkan wawasan anda tenatng topik tipik tertentu yang di bahas dalam artikle tersebut. Selain itu membaca artikle bahasa inggris juga memnabntu anda untuk menigkatkan kemampuan anda dalam berbahasa inggris. Belikut kami sajikan artiel bahasa inggris tentang global warming.
Global warming What is it about.

As we all know that global warming has become very popular topic that discussed in many occasion. So, what is actually global warming is? In this occasion we are going to discuss global warming I more detail. Global warming is a situation when the temperature of the earth is increasing. Recently the temperature of the earth is increasing. The increase of the earth temperature is obviously a bad thing for us. The iceberg in the North Pole melt and the sea level is increasing, If we cannot stop this to happen. There will be many cities in the worlds immerse to the water.

Global warming is caused by us. We use huge number of fosil fuel everyday. As we all know tha the fosil fuel prduce carbon dioxide that can demage the ozon layer in ouir sky. This ozon layer protect us from Utraviloet ray that come from the sun. Withoud adeguate ozon layaer protection, UV ray Come directly to our earyth. This can increase the temperature of the eart. Additionally de forestation is talking palace in massive scale. The forest that actually help in neutrailze the carbon dioxide has reduce in number. The carbon dioxide eventually go up to the sky and destroy the oxon level. This very bad situation tha we need to stop urgently.

If we are not taking any action, the ozon layer will disappear. Thi sis very serius. If there is no ozon layer anumore, the sun heat will strike directly ti the erat. As a reslt the rtemperatur of the earth will increase drastically. When this situaaaation happen cpontinously it may by possible that the earth will get dry. Ye, it is true our earth can get dry just like other planet that eventually no one can live in this earth enymore.

Other issue that we need to take serious consideration about ozon layer is about health risk. It has been re[ported than the nemuber of ozin is decreasing. Many expert believe that this ozon protecting us from the harmfull of ultra violet rays from the susn. Today there are many people who sauffer from skin cancer diseases. Many expert believe that the increase of the skin cancer sufferer are resulted from the ozon that already subside in mumber. We obviosuly cannot ignore this situation. We should tak action properly.

Global warming is obviosuly global problem. Therefore, if we want to solve this problem, we need to act globally. If people in one country work very hard to tackle the global warming problem, but if people in other country dont do anything, this obviously will not able to solve the global warming problem. What we need to do is to work together hand in hand to adress this issus properly.

Finally it is our duty to keep this earth healthy. Wo have to make sure that our future generation will be able to life in this planet healthily. If We dont act it will be to late. Act now or it will be bto late.

Demikianlah sajian dari kami berupa Artikel bahasa inggris tentang global warming pemanasan global. Semoga dengan artikle di atas kita bisa mengambil manfaatnya. Silahkan bila anda berkenan anda bisa membaca artikle yang lain yaitu atikel pendidikan dan artikel lingkungan hidup juga artikel arikel menarik lainya

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